Personal Training

At Mecha Martial Arts & Athletics we believe in improving the lives of everyone. We offer many classes morning, day and night throughout the week at Mecha. With years of experience training in one on one environments we know the benefit and understand the enjoyment some find receiving direct coaching. For this reason we offer two avenues of personal training.

Skill Development 

If you are looking to improve your striking or Jiu Jitsu this is the avenue for you. You will get one on one training with a coach that will tailor the experience specifically for you. 

We offer skill development training to all levels of experience and ages. If your child is having difficulty or wants to get an edge we will give them the knowledge and tools to improve their skill sets. If you're wanting to get advanced training and want to get a better understanding of any martial arts offered at Mecha sign up with us and get started!

Fitness and Nutrition 

There is always a right reason for improving your personal health. We encourage everyone to get involved in physical activity to improve every aspect of themselves. We can help obtain your goal of losing unwanted weight, developing strength, becoming more flexible and assist guiding your nutrition to a better and healthier place. 

With tried and true methods we can create a fitness plan for you. We will work with you to get the best results possible. 

For personal training inquiries please contact Mecha staff onsite, email or phone!

Training Available: