Mini Ninjas 4-6 (Mon / Wed)

The Mini Ninjas program was created to get children at a young age into an environment where they can learn fun and exciting ways to be active. The program is designed primarily on grappling martial arts and fitness.

The classes are always taught with a two-coach minimum. They are structured on the foundation of discipline, respect, and concentrated effort. Children will be taught about winning and losing through healthy competition. They will learn how to be independent and work as part of the Mecha Mini Ninjas team!

All gym equipment is provided by the facility. Students only need to bring shorts and a shirt. A mouth guard is recommended.

It is important to note that no striking head contact is available for the Mini Ninjas program.

Little Ninjas 8-11 (Mon / Wed)

The Little Ninjas program is the big sibling of the Mini Ninjas program. Whether just starting or graduating from being a Mini Ninja kids will continue to develop athletic skills. Coaching Little Ninjas begins to shift more towards developing striking and grappling skills for competition.

Competition is a core fundamental for all classes at Mecha Martial Arts & Athletics. Competition will be in-house daily at an individual and team level. We believe it builds discipline, respect, and personal character learning to deal with the challenges that come with winning and losing.

All basic training equipment is provided by the facility. We offer the opportunity to travel and compete regularly. It is recommended to purchase a mouth guard, groin protection and rash guard clothing.

We strive to have an environment where kids are encouraged to put in effort and learn. We have created games where bits and pieces of martial arts are taught to them without them ever knowing! Kids will learn through play and through bursts of repetition. Slowly they will learn to focus and adapt to situations using skills they learned playing games. 

Sign up any time, classes run throughout the year! We hope to see youth join the Mecha community and become champions in competition and in life.