Mixed Martial Arts

The world of mixed martial arts is an ever growing sport and past time. At Mecha Martial Arts we help bridge the divide by providing a class that is offered to anyone taking classes. Each class is structured to allow those who regularly attend grappling or striking classes to get extra training in and experience how dynamic, exciting and fun it can be to incorporate their training in different scenarios.

Whether you want to one day fight in the ring, octagon, learning how the martial arts work together, get a great workout and the list goes on, our mixed martial art classes are a great place. 

Classes are an hour in length. They have a structured warm up, technical instruction phase, a work phase and a cool down. All equipment is provided by the facility. It is highly recommend you bring a mouth guard and groin protection. 

Adult class fees at Mecha Martial Martial Arts & Athletics include a limited membership which is $100 a month. The limited membership allows attendance to any 2 classes per week. To get the full experience get the Mecha Pass at $150 which allows you to attend any and all classes available anytime.