Grappling (Mon / Tue / Thu)

Welcome to the grappling program at Mecha Martial Arts & Athletics. We provide instruction and coaching in Jiu Jitsu and wrestling.  

At Mecha Martial Arts we believe in competition and that sport Jiu Jitsu fits our philosophy of learning respect, discipline and hard work. Sport Jiu Jitsu is done with clothing called rash guards and not done with a typical martial arts uniform with a belt. It is fast paced and competitors are placed against each other based on skill.

Along your grappling journey whether you intend to compete or improve your fitness you will learn how to protect yourself and thrive in the worst case scenarios you could find yourself in.

No equipment is required for our grappling classes. We do recommend a mouth guard and groin protection. Classes are an hour long and are offered regularly. Come join in and get started today!

Adult class fees at Mecha Martial Martial Arts & Athletics include a limited membership which is $100 a month. The limited membership allows attendance to any 2 classes per week. To get the full experience get the Mecha Pass at $150 which allows you to attend any and all classes available anytime.

Have a look at our schedule and see you soon!