Kickboxing (Wed) Boxing (Tue / Thu / Sat)

Our striking programs are offered regularly at Mecha Martial Arts. A strong emphasis is set on developing a foundation of technical skills. This allows those training to improve their fitness and or become an active sport competitor improve at their own pace and have fun doing it.

The striking programs are conducted on the feet. You will learn to punch and kick effectively, defend yourself and improve your footwork. 

Classes are an hour long and are offered throughout the a week. There are instructed classes and sessions called open mat. Instructed classes are structured with a warm up, followed by a technique demonstration that will flow into practice. Practice is usually done with a partner. Open mat allows for members to attend and work on skills they want to improve upon. Coaches are always on site to help you improve. Bring a friend or meet a fellow Mecha member when you come!

All training equipment is provided at the facility. It is recommended you purchase a mouth guard and groin protection. When you become more accustomed to training you may want to purchase and personalize your own gear.


We are an official registered Boxing Ontario affiliated gym and have registered coaches. If you have any interest is competing in the world of boxing this is the place to start!

Adult class fees at Mecha Martial Martial Arts & Athletics include a limited membership which is $100 a month. The limited membership allows attendance to any 2 classes per week. To get the full experience get the Mecha Pass at $150 which allows you to attend any and all classes available anytime.

Have a look at our schedule and see you soon!